Voyager HQ Slack Team Code of Conduct

  1. Don't be a jerk! We’re happy to have you using the VHQ Slack channels to connect with one another and grow your business. This is a community forum - any post using slurs, slander, hate speech, discrimination, or plain old rudeness will be deleted.

  2.  The Slack channel is meant to be an open discussion, so if you want to share any negative experiences, please keep in mind the benefit of the entire group. 

  3. For promotional posts, please use the tag #shamelessselfpromotion

  4. For urgent asks, please use #SOS

  5. No @channel, @everyone, or @here unless it is for a life-or-death request!

  6. If you want to suggest a new channel, please use #channelrequest

  7. Your Full Name must be: Firstname Lastname - Company (e.g. Alex Smith - Travel Co.)

  8. Display names/nicknames are optional

  9. That’s it! Keep it positive and use the tags.

Bon Voyage, and happy slacking!