Office Hours with Alex Araujo

February 21, 2019

About Alex

Alex is a corporate and securities attorney, and technology executive, with experience in venture finance, equity crowdfunding, and the legal and operational needs particular to emerging digital and software businesses. He is also a former legal technology SaaS company founder.

Prior to founding iDisclose Law and joining the LawCloud team, he was general counsel at a New York-based venture development firm where he closed over $10M in seed-stage financing transactions.

Combined with his prior experience, and since joining LawCloud, he has helped hundreds of issuers in preparing for the capital raising process under both Reg D (private placements) and Reg CF (equity crowdfunding).

Alex also leads the product development team at LawCloud, and is responsible for the latest legal technology innovations that the company has released including the LawCloud Library™, and future products including an automated Form 1-A for offerings under Regulation A+.