Panels should include:

  • At least 1 investor

  • At least 1 late-stage travel startup founder

  • A diverse group of perspectives (women and minorities MUST be represented)


The most successful Travel Pitch Nights always have interesting panelists from notable travel companies or funds committed to the event. For that reason, securing the venue and panelists should be first priority. Secondary, communicating with potential sponsors as early as possible is important to cover the costs of the event logistics.


Unlike the Travel Founders Breakfast, Pitch Nights include many onsite roles in addition to pre-event responsibilities: Event setup, check-in staff, bartending, A/V, someone to time each presentation and keep the pace, and someone to MC the event itself. It’s a good idea to recruit additional volunteers for the evening of to cover all the bases onsite.

General Format for Travel Pitch Night:

6:00pm – 6:45pm Doors open

6:45pm – 7:00pm Welcome and event walkthrough from Event Director

7:00pm – 8:00pm 5 minute presentations and 5 minute Q&A for each startup

8:00pm – 8:15pm Deliberation, scoring and announcement of winner

8:15pm – 9:00pm Networking Happy Hour


Pitch Nights should always draw a crowd of at least 100 attendees, so it’s important to promote these events early and often to build interest. Marketing through outside channels, such as local startup and travel newsletters and partner communities, can be hugely helpful in this. Marketing responsibilities for a Pitch Night also include