Hosting Voyager HQ Events for your Community

This is a step-by-step guide to launching, promoting and hosting your own Voyager HQ events for your local community. This outline will give you an idea of the order in which tasks should be executed to run a successful event!

This will also give you a sense of the different tasks that can be delegated between Event Directors and volunteer teams.

Please keep in mind that the timelines are suggested, but not firm - you can start the cycle even earlier than outlined months if you’d like, but we don’t advise starting later.



The Travel Founders Breakfast is a guided discussion between travel startup founders of all stages. Although the role of the moderator is important to keep pace and draw interesting conclusions out of the participants, most of the content is provided by the Founders themselves as they talk through their startups and share advice. Founders should come prepared with their company’s pitch and a current problem or challenge they’d like to share with the group. Not all attendees must be Voyager HQ members, so this is an important opportunity to encourage founders to sign up for the free membership and take advantage of the Voyager HQ community!

Travel Pitch Night