Bring together the travel tech community in your city to learn and share insights while helping us expand the Voyager HQ mission to create the future of travel experiences!


Here’s what we’re looking for in our Directors:

  • Current involvement in the travel and/or tech industries

  • There is a strong existing startup network in your city or area

  • Extra time in your schedule to organize monthly events part-time

  • Enthusiasm to approach potential event sponsors and partners

  • Excitement about growing the Voyager HQ community locally

  • Ability to execute, with a stubborn creative streak

Here’s what you have to gain from being a Director:

  • Tons of new industry connections and knowledge

  • Thought leadership and influence as a community organizer in your city

  • Compensation $$$

Here’s the support we provide each new event hub:

  • Access to the Voyager HQ team’s guidance and input

  • Branding packet and marketing materials

  • Introductions to potential sponsors, venues and other stakeholders in your area

  • Contact list of current Voyager HQ members and marketing channels in your city

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